Scooters Maintenance
There is more than meets the eye when it comes to maintenance. At Rent a Scooter Funchal we understand this, which is one of the reasons why we take general maintenance and small repairs very seriously.
Quick repairs

Every 2000km we make a complete revision of our scooters.

Oil level, brake pads and tires check

When a scooter returns from any rental, we check the oil level as well as brake pads and tires.

Our garage is fully equipped to make any quick repair that might be necessary.

Weather conditions for riding

All scooters are rented with two rain suits (free of charge) and we provide you with the best advices and updated forecasts so that you can enjoy your ride in safety.
Here are some basic tips:

Ride smoother

When riding in slippery conditions the scooter must be handled differently. Throttle adjustments need to be made smoothly and in small increments; use less lean angle; gradually apply your brakes and get your braking done early, so that in the last bit of the braking zone you are not forced to stab the brake lever.

Find a dry line

Dry pavement offers superior traction and maneuverability, so make sure to continually place yourself in the driest section of the lane.

Watch out for manhole covers and sealer pavement

Two things that drastically reduce traction during wet weather are manhole covers and sealer pavement, which are both almost like black ice when it's raining. When traveling in a straight line they pose less of a threat.

If you encounter either of these traction inhibitors, check first if there is a line that you could easily take around them. If not, resist braking or accelerating hard and roll over them without making any aggressive inputs.

Note that in case you do have to change your line or turn over a greasy section, it's important to keep your hands relaxed on the clip-ons and don't lean the bike any more than necessary.

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